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The Energía Austral SpA hydroelectric development company is developing the Cuervo hydroelectric plant in Chile’s Aysén Region plus a dedicated transmission system to inject the power produced into Chile’s Central Interconnected Grid (SIC). Cuervo will have a total generating capacity of approximately 640 MW and has the potential to displace about 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually from Chile’s Central Interconnected System (SIC). Energía Austral is a joint venture owned by the Swiss group Glencore and the Australian integrated energy company Origin Energy.


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Environmental Court rejects Cuervo Project complaint
3 July 2015
We have become aware today of the Environmental Court’s resolution confirming that the Cuervo Hydroelectric Plant project complies with Chile’s regulatory framework [...

Public statement
The Supreme Court has ratified Cuervo project’s environmental approval process and the RCA authorised by the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA). We will continue to develop this project, maintaining our dialogue with local communities and with other stakeholders [...

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Energía Austral y la comunidad / Energía Austral and the community

Programa de Capacitación Laboral

“Participé del programa de capacitación y hoy tengo una pequeña empresa de banquetería. Mi meta es crecer e incorporar a más personas y siempre Energía Austral me ha apoyando en todo. Es como un sueño tener una empresa y que haya gente que me apoye y que crea en lo que yo estoy haciendo”. Sonia Olavarría, participante del programa de Capacitación 2010.